Rhapsody No. X

Sarah María Medina

after Big God, Florence + The Machine

yo/ soy vidente/ yo/ see barrel of pistol/ pressed to your perfect/ crown/ yo/ sense cold steel/ pressed/ a mi tercer ojo/ yo/ pirouette across black lake/ adorned with a blue silk gown// tú/ eres un/ Big God marching// yo/ soy captured/ by light that flints/ off your reflection/ yo/ traipse sky/ roll my shoulder/ palm your crystal/ stick/ y rarely/ transcend yet/ tú/ keep me up at night// yo/ master flight/ trap wave/ tongue the gold grill/ of your other muse/ yo/ love her/ for taking/ all your sorrow// yo/ grasp my own divinity// y no longer fear/ el otro lado/ de la isla/ yo/ survey terrain/ for approaching diamondback/ y wait/ y wait/ y slide down/ to cease/ yo/ slide down to fire// to regret is to cry/ to weep is to set free// tú dices/ te amo/ te amo/ te amo/ to a stadium/ yet carry silence/ come now/ my love/ how long before/ we death again?

Originally published in Moss: Volume Four.
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