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Moss: Volume Seven

Price includes shipping within the US; for Canada, add $15.
235 pages. ISBN 978-0-996379-6-2. Released 2022.

Featuring new work and interviews from Kim Fu, Jaye Nasir, Alex Vigue, Shin Yu Pai, Joe Wilkins, Matt Briggs, Max Delsohn, David Naimon, Tara Roberts, Angela Garbes, Jory Mickelson, Nanya Jhingran, Ayana Harscoet, CMarie Fuhrman, Oliver de la Paz, Aaron Fullerton, Sayatani Dasgupta, Jennifer Fernandez, Rita Sturam Wirkala, Katherine D. Morgan, Keygan S.S. McClellan, and Maria de Lourdes Victoria.

Moss: Volume Six

Price includes shipping within the US; for Canada, add $15.
226 pages. ISBN 978-0-996379-5-5. Released 2021.

Featuring work and interviews from over thirty Northwest writers, including Alexis M. Smith, Ami Patel, Rena Priest, Cari Luna, Donna Miscolta, Kailee Haong, Tiffany Midge, Kate Lebo, Alexander Ortega, Soramimi Hanarejima, Gwendolyn Morgan, Erin Pringle, Joaquin Fernandez, Tim Greenup, Lisa Chen, Kaitlyn Airy, Ann Stinson, Kate Garcia, Jaton Rash, Katie Lee Ellison, Patrycja Humienik, Jennifer Richter, Shannon Amidon, Rachel Brown, Nicholas Bradley, Phillip Barron, Rhienna Renée Guedry, Bethan Tyler, and Sam Robison.

Moss: Volume Five

Price includes shipping within the US; for Canada, add $15.
226 pages. ISBN 978-0-996379-4-8. Released 2020.

Featuring work and interviews from thirty Northwest writers, including Omar El Akkad, Jess Walter, Beth Piatote, Juan Carlos Reyes, Jean Ferruzola, Jill Talbot, Ben Goldfarb, Janice Lee, Matt Rebholz, Aaron Gilbreath, Ramon Isao, Christina Montilla, Ellen Welcker, Sasha LaPointe, Bill Carty, Daniela Naomi Molnar, Malcolm Friend, Alex Gallo-Brown, Jessica Mehta, Laura Read, Paul Hlava Ceballos, Taneum Bambrick, Zachary Schomburg, Emily Pittinos, and J.A. Dela Cruz-Smith, and interviews with Ruth Joffre, Leah Sottile, Kristen Millares Young, and Ashley Toliver.

Moss: Volume Four

Price includes shipping within the US; for Canada, add $15.
179 pages. ISBN 978-0-9969379-3-1. Released 2019.

Featuring fiction, poetry, essays, and interviews from Tara Atkinson, Stephanie Wong Ken, Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore, Michelle Peñaloza, Kamari Bright, Brandon Jordan Brown, Ruby Hansen Murray, Quenton Baker, J.C. Sibara, Maya Jewell Zeller, Nicola Griffith, Jessica Mooney, Natalie Villacorta, Matt Greene, Anis Gisele, Sarah María Medina, Savannah Slone, Kelli Russell Agodon, Ian Denning, Megan Snyder-Camp, John Englehardt, Chelsea Dingman, Shankar Narayan, Juleen Eun Sun Johnson, and Dawn Pichón Barron.

Moss: Volume Three

Price includes shipping within the US; for Canada, add $15.

245 pages. ISBN 978-0-996379-2-4. Released 2018.

Featuring fiction, essays, and poetry from Kate Lebo, Richard Chiem, Donna Miscolta, Troy Osaki, Keya Mitra, Nikkita Oliver, Heather Jacobs, Joe Wilkins, Azura Tyabji, Mercedes Lawry, Shawn Vestal, Kathleen Flenniken, Jasleena Grewal, Rich Smith, Tara Roberts, Sharon Hashimoto, E.A. Greenwell, Amber Krieger, Dave Roth, Laura Da’, and Kristen Millares Young, as well as interviews with Jane Wong, Ishmael Butler, Emily Ruskovich, Shankar Narayan, and Leni Zumas.

Moss: Volume Two

Price includes shipping within the US; for Canada, add $15.
243 pages. ISBN 978-0-996379-1-7. Released 2017.

Featuring work from Leyna Krow, Tiffany Midge, Kelly Froh, Leah Sottile, Monet P. Thomas, Eric Wagner, Gina Williams, Anca Szilagyi, Michael Upchurch, Chris McCann, Kjerstin Johnson, and Sonya Chung, as well as interviews with Mitchell S. Jackson, Amanda Coplin, Alexis M. Smith, and Elissa Washuta.

Moss: Volume One

Sold out. 

222 pages. ISBN 978-0-996379-0-0. Released 2015.

Featuring work from Rebecca Brown, JM Miller, Steven Moore, Matt Briggs, Corinne Manning, Christine Texeira, Nate Liederbach, Clayton McCann, Miriam Cook, Jenn Blair, Charles Finn, Eric Severn, Robert Cantwell, and Donald J. Mitchell, and interviews with Peter Mountford, Rebecca Brown, Ryan Boudinot, and T.V. Reed.

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