Moss is a literary journal of writing from the Pacific Northwest. Published annually, Moss is dedicated to exploring the intersection of place and creative expression, while exposing the region’s outstanding writers to a broad audience of readers, critics, and publishers. Since its debut issue in the summer of 2014, Moss has received praise for its sharp design, strong editorial hand, and its commitment to supporting new and emerging writers.

Moss was founded by Alex Davis-Lawrence, a filmmaker based in Los Angeles, and Connor Guy, a book editor based in New York City. Both were born and raised in Seattle.

Connor Guy
Alex Davis-Lawrence

Managing Editor
Alayna Becker

Contributing Editors
Sharma Shields
Kailee Haong
Steven L. Moore
Michael Chin
Diana Xin

Poetry Editors
Dujie Tahat
Ashley Toliver
Jalayna Carter
Creative Director
Alex Davis-Lawrence

Director of Outreach
Amy Wilson

Programming Coordinator
Cali Kopczick

Additional Design
Ilana Davis-Lawrence

Additional Translation
Joseph Weiman

McKenzie Watson-Fore
Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff
Jamie Bails
Elissa Favero
Paisley Green
Sasheem Silkiss-Hero
Kimm Stammen
Angelica Lai

Moss is a subscriber-supported journal. We are particularly grateful to our Supporters—Dawn Bass, FaeMarie Beck, Alayna Becker, Kristine Becker, Krisa Bruemmer, Calder Bragdon Fong, Anastasia Hilton, Cali Kopczick, Emily Korteweg, Sandra LeDuc, Steven L. Moore, Gwendolyn Morgan, Lisbet Nilson, Aleen Park, Maximilian Press, Jennifer Richter, Tara Roberts, Julia Schwarz and Case Lovell, Thomas Sibley, Maya Sonenberg, Jesse Swingle, Morgan Wallace, Rachel Webber, Gina Williams, Diana Xin—and to our Patrons—Diann Barry and Mark Guy, Thomas and Elizabeth Beck, Max Boyd, Aaron Brown, Alba Conte, Diane Davis, Susan Davis, Ilana Davis-Lawrence, Ronnie-Gail Emden, Naomi Gibbs, Joe Grube, Kris Hattori and Melanie Lim, Paul Lawrence and Cynthia Jones, Sarah Lawrence, Kimberly Roque and Michael Chan, Ann Stinson, Anna and David Straka, Amanda Wong, Aria Woods, and Kaye and Robert Woods.

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