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THE ARCHIVE below covers the entirety of Moss’s publication history, from the first online issue in 2014 to the latest online piece from the current/upcoming print edition.

Since the beginning, one of our core commitments has been to make all of our writing and interviews available online, for free. If you enjoy the work you find below, please consider supporting Moss subscribing to the print journal, or by purchasing our latest issue on our online store.

In Seattle and Spokane, you can also find the print edition at your local library.


InterviewMattilda Bernstein Sycamore.
InterviewNicola Griffith in conversation with Alexis M. Smith.
Interview and PoetryQuenton Baker.
FictionThree Bullets — J. C. Sibara.
Fiction Office Girl & University Hero, Chapter One: Change — Maya Jewell Zeller.
Fiction Vacation — Stephanie Wong Ken.
Fiction Something Must be Done! — Matt Greene.
Fiction Close Encounters — Jessica Mooney.
FictionLucy’s Midnight Story, Ian Denning.
FictionBe Okay, It Will Be Okay, John Englehardt.
FictionA Couple Walks Up the Logging Road, Ruby Hansen Murray.
EssayWho Chooses, Tara Atkinson.
Essay Revelations — Natalie Villacorta.
Poetry Epimetheus in the Shower — Megan Snyder-Camp.
PoetryInstruction Manual for Child — Shankar Narayan.
PoetryRhapsody No. X — Sarah María Medina.
PoetryFirst Lady — Anis Gisele.
PoetryQuantifiable — Dawn Pichón Barron.
PoetryAlchemy — Chelsea Dingman.
PoetryO Tired Love      it’s easy to see the wire that connects — Brandon Jordan Brown.
Poetrythis is the beneath — Savannah Slone.
PoetryOn Learning the Galaxy Take Both Cash and Credit — Kelli Russell Agodon.
PoetryThe Garden, Kamari Bright.
PoetryWhen Will We Ache Less, Michelle Peñaloza.


Issue 09 (Spring 2018) features a conversation between Leni Zumas and Alexis M. Smith, an interview with Shankar Narayan, prose from from Keya Mitra, Heather Jacobs, Dave Roth, and Sharon Hashimoto, and poetry from Nikkita Oliver, Rich Smith, and Mercedes Lawry.

Issue 08 (Fall 2017) features interviews with Ishmael Butler and Jane Wong, an essay from Kristen Millares Young, fiction from Donna Miscolta, Joe Wilkins, and Shawn Vestal, and poetry from Kathleen Flenniken, Jasleena Grewal, and E.A. Greenwell.

Issue 07 (Summer 2017) features an interview with Emily Ruskovich, an essay from Kate Lebo, fiction from Tara Roberts, Richard Chiem, and Amber Krieger, and poetry from Laura Da’, Azura Tyabji, and Troy Osaki.


Issue 06 (Fall 2016) features interviews with Alexis M. Smith and Amanda Coplin, essays by Monet P. Thomas and Kelly Froh, and fiction by Anca Szilágyi and Chris McCann.

Issue 05 (Summer 2016) features an interview with Mitchell S. Jackson, essays by Tiffany Midge and Leah Sottile, and fiction by Leyna Krow and Sonya Chung.

Issue 04 (Winter 2016) features an interview with Elissa Washuta, essays by Eric Wagner and Gina Williams, and fiction by Michael Upchurch and Kjerstin Johnson.


Issue 03 (Spring 2015) features an interview with Rebecca Brown, essays by Rebecca Brown, JM Miller, and Steven Moore, and fiction by Miriam Cook and Jenn Blair.

Issue 02 (Winter 2015) features interviews with Peter Mountford and T.V. Reed, essays by Charles Finn and Matt Briggs, and fiction by Eric Severn, Corinne Manning, and Robert Cantwell.

Issue 01 (Summer 2014) features an interview with Ryan Boudinot, an essay by Donald J. Mitchell, and fiction by Christine Texeira, Clayton McCann, and Nate Liederbach.